Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 070 Cherry Tart

Haaallllooooooo :D

Today is a really really busy and tired day.. i'm still student in senior high school you know, and i followed cooking contest.
hahaha.. i cant even cook! i just do what my friend told me to. so, when i didnt know what should i do, its kinda awkward.
soooo, the awkward moment is when you don't know what should you do in cooking contest. LOL
and the worse, i forgot to take a picture of my food OMG.

forget it.
i want to share my new, cheap, but really adorable lip butter. ! :D
you must be know revlon colorburst :D with red cover.

i love this revlon colorburst lip butter 070 cherry tart because, i want to use red lipstick like Marylinn Monroe or Westerners does, BUT im not brave enough to use that on my lips and go hang out. im just shy. LOL you know strong red like marilyn monroe's makes you look glamorous but older than your old.
but this Cherry Tart make the Red color not That strong
It's soft. younger (than marylin monroe's lipstick color), and i brave enough to use it. :)

first when i looked at this lip butter (i didnt try) i feel shock because its too red! too strong!
i told to the sales it's too dark, too strong, too red. i felt shy to use it.
but she told me to try on my hand. and look at the picture below :D

it's not too dark right.?
it's softer, it's feminin.

you can use this lip butter at the party :D

dont forget to give foundation to your lips to make it pale so we can apply this lip butter easier.
then you add some lip balm to moist it. and use lipbrush to apply this lip butter because, lipbrush can make it neater and framed.
after that, use lipgloss. the same color of lip butter.
Taraaaa~! You're Pretty now  :*:*:*:*:*


5 komentar:

  1. Lagi pengen nyobain revlon ini >.<
    brapaan si harganya?

    Nice review :)

  2. just wondering to ask .. is that okay to put foundation on your lips? it's prettier maybe but considering the fact that it MIGHT be eaten, it's might not safe (product outside of lips product might have non-edible ingredients). Maybe lip concealer is a better choice since it's aimed to be use on lips.

    *so sorry i posted here and commented in FB because i want to get notification once you answered my question :)

    no offense though ^^

  3. I have revlon lip butter too but different shade, I think this shade is too bright to me :p I prefer soft color <3
    nice review btw :)
    Oh yeah, answering your question>> I'm not the owner of tomato oshop. I just joined a giveaway that sponsored by tomato oshop.. ^^

  4. the color's very pretty but i dont think i'm brave enough to try this out..
    btw i just nominated you in liebster award. check in my blog

  5. im a fan of red lipstick, i might try this lipstick someday. nice post, thanks for sharing :)