Rabu, 14 November 2012


Haiii back to Loresa :D
2 days i didn't update my blog. so sorry guys. :(
i slipped from my motorcycle last week and my right legs full of wound! i Cant go anywhere (except school), and it makes me feel so lazy and lay down on my bed.

Nooowwww i want to share my favourite fake eyelashes..
the brand is QUEEN.. it's not expensive.
for a dozen pairs you only pay IDR 36.
so cheap isnt it?
 it's easy to use and look awesome when you use it. it makes your eyes pPOPOPOPOP, biggegegegegegerrr and dramatic.. (use contactlenses, black eyeliner on your lower eyelid then makes you look like korean star) HAHA

this is the picture !!

first, you think its too  thick right?
first time i thought it too. but, its different when u use it.
you can use it to hangout with your friends, or even party.
my advice, use 2pairs this fake eyelashes when you go to party:D
trust me.. everybody looks on you!

just use it with robutan eyelashes glue. make it stay for a long long day :D

anybody ever use it?
comment belloowwww :D

2 komentar:

  1. aku pakai ini :)
    bagus memang kalau dipakai~ harganya juga muremer ^^

  2. sippp hihihihi..
    keren jadinya ><