Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter 070 Cherry Tart

Haaallllooooooo :D

Today is a really really busy and tired day.. i'm still student in senior high school you know, and i followed cooking contest.
hahaha.. i cant even cook! i just do what my friend told me to. so, when i didnt know what should i do, its kinda awkward.
soooo, the awkward moment is when you don't know what should you do in cooking contest. LOL
and the worse, i forgot to take a picture of my food OMG.

forget it.
i want to share my new, cheap, but really adorable lip butter. ! :D
you must be know revlon colorburst :D with red cover.

i love this revlon colorburst lip butter 070 cherry tart because, i want to use red lipstick like Marylinn Monroe or Westerners does, BUT im not brave enough to use that on my lips and go hang out. im just shy. LOL you know strong red like marilyn monroe's makes you look glamorous but older than your old.
but this Cherry Tart make the Red color not That strong
It's soft. younger (than marylin monroe's lipstick color), and i brave enough to use it. :)

first when i looked at this lip butter (i didnt try) i feel shock because its too red! too strong!
i told to the sales it's too dark, too strong, too red. i felt shy to use it.
but she told me to try on my hand. and look at the picture below :D

it's not too dark right.?
it's softer, it's feminin.

you can use this lip butter at the party :D

dont forget to give foundation to your lips to make it pale so we can apply this lip butter easier.
then you add some lip balm to moist it. and use lipbrush to apply this lip butter because, lipbrush can make it neater and framed.
after that, use lipgloss. the same color of lip butter.
Taraaaa~! You're Pretty now  :*:*:*:*:*


Rabu, 14 November 2012

Coffee Creamy Color Fit Shadow by SKINFOOD


who doesnt know the star of BLACK WIDOW as NAtasha Romanoff in AVENGER????
yesss!! Scarlett Johansson.
the beautiful actress with sexy body UGHHH

nahhh i adore her make up in this picture !
how about the steps?
1. apply white glitter color near the nose.
2. apply mauve glitter color on the middle of eyelid
3. blend the white and mauve color to make it soft.
4. then apply dark purple on the outside of the eyelid. if you want darker and POPer eyes, mix dark purple with black eyeshadow.
5. blend the eyeshadow with white matte eyeshadow color behind the eyebrow.
6. dont forget to apply dark purple for the lower eyelid to frame your eyes.
that's it.
its easygirl..
just try it..

and for the eyeshadow, use this eyeshadow from Skinfood. really-really perfect color..
you'll love it :)

happy try :D


Haiii back to Loresa :D
2 days i didn't update my blog. so sorry guys. :(
i slipped from my motorcycle last week and my right legs full of wound! i Cant go anywhere (except school), and it makes me feel so lazy and lay down on my bed.

Nooowwww i want to share my favourite fake eyelashes..
the brand is QUEEN.. it's not expensive.
for a dozen pairs you only pay IDR 36.
so cheap isnt it?
 it's easy to use and look awesome when you use it. it makes your eyes pPOPOPOPOP, biggegegegegegerrr and dramatic.. (use contactlenses, black eyeliner on your lower eyelid then makes you look like korean star) HAHA

this is the picture !!

first, you think its too  thick right?
first time i thought it too. but, its different when u use it.
you can use it to hangout with your friends, or even party.
my advice, use 2pairs this fake eyelashes when you go to party:D
trust me.. everybody looks on you!

just use it with robutan eyelashes glue. make it stay for a long long day :D

anybody ever use it?
comment belloowwww :D

Sabtu, 10 November 2012

Smoky Eyes By Bourjois -Paris-

hallooowww everybody.

you must be know Kristen Stewart right?
she always use smoky eyes make up. and i cant say No for her. Smoky eyes really-really MATCH with her eyes.
make her look like gothic and cool and stunning and everything.

hell yeah.. she is my role model. she is my favourite actress. she's beautiful right? (yes)
you can use this bourjois eyeshadow. use the silver near the nose and blend it with grey and dark grey to the outside. trust me. this bourjois makes the same colour like Kstew's.
and use dark grey for the lower eyelid. and that's it! you are a fake kstew LOL :D

in this picture Kstew used silver and dark grey(almost black so you can mix dark grey with black eyeshadow) to make the canine for the outside of the eye.
and you use brown mix black eyeshadow for the lower eyelid.

 i lost the brush ><

so simple isn't it?
i know texting is easier than practice :D
but, just try it. it's a perfect look


Bourjois no 01 gris dandy
Made in Italy

Wild & Chic Eye Shadow Palette By MAke Up Forever

Eyeshadow with a little bit glitter can make your eyes look so gorgeous natural. I bought this palette last year. and i really-really love the colour..

 you can hook the mirror and it'll look like a purse.
i dont know exactly what name of the color but i guess it.
from left to right : dark green, pale green, soft pink, dark choco, milk choco, and cream.

this palette is from Make Up Forever. contain 6 colors eyeshadow PLUUSSSS a pencil eyeliner (black)
i love the pencil eyeliner too. it's really dark and frame my eyes. i use it on the botton of the eye.

Before After

did you see my ugly 'before' face? lol!
its really-really embarassing right?


i used
-viva eyebrow pencil : brown ( i really like this, soft and easy to apply.)
-the body shop eyeliner : black (i never change my eyeliner brand. thats mean i'm in love with this bodyshop eyeliner)
-eyeshadow  : mac pallete
-white eyeliner : etude house
-fake eyelashes : queen

cheek :
i used
-blush on : pac pallete
-shading : VOV

i used
-eos lipbalm
-skinfood peach lipstick
-revlon peach lipgloss

i used
-BB cream by the face shop
-Revlon photoready foundation
-revlon powder
-the bodyshop powder
-revlon photoready concealer

i used this makeup for going to party.
im 17 yo. so, i have a lot of sweet 17th birthday party.
thats mean i have to makeup my self.

and this is my first post. hope you like it :D