Rabu, 14 November 2012

Coffee Creamy Color Fit Shadow by SKINFOOD


who doesnt know the star of BLACK WIDOW as NAtasha Romanoff in AVENGER????
yesss!! Scarlett Johansson.
the beautiful actress with sexy body UGHHH

nahhh i adore her make up in this picture !
how about the steps?
1. apply white glitter color near the nose.
2. apply mauve glitter color on the middle of eyelid
3. blend the white and mauve color to make it soft.
4. then apply dark purple on the outside of the eyelid. if you want darker and POPer eyes, mix dark purple with black eyeshadow.
5. blend the eyeshadow with white matte eyeshadow color behind the eyebrow.
6. dont forget to apply dark purple for the lower eyelid to frame your eyes.
that's it.
its easygirl..
just try it..

and for the eyeshadow, use this eyeshadow from Skinfood. really-really perfect color..
you'll love it :)

happy try :D

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